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The Imperfects Face Cover

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As you all know, COVID-19 has taken a massive toll on small businesses worldwide and has especially impacted the retail industry that Imperfects is a part of. As we find our small business and many of our friend's businesses in dire straits, we thought up a way to be resourceful with our everyday capabilities as a product manufacturer and look toward being a part of the solution.

Purchasing these masks helps support the same factory we use to manufacture our garments. The manufacturing of masks deems the factory as an essential business, allowing them to stay open, continue to operate and supply jobs. 

Our company, Imperfects , is a San Diego based surf and skate lifestyle brand that is dedicated to celebrating craftsmanship and uniqueness. All of our garments, surfboards, and skateboards are handmade in Southern California within a day's drive and are made in partnership with small, local factories. Because we cannot currently manufacture our garments, we want to find ways to provide work to sustain our business & the local factories that we normally work with. We will keep fighting to stay alive, even if it is with one arm behind our back. 

So, in an effort to keep our factory friends open, we are supporting them with a small Personal Face Mask order, which will deem them an 'essential business.' This means that the factory we know and love will be able to safely operate within the legal parameters of social distancing, and we can help provide masks to essential workers in need.


Made with a heavy wash to further soften fabric, and elastic ear straps that maintain strength, even after washing.

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The outer cover is made with a 100% Natural Undyed Cotton Canton Flannel and finished with Cotton Modal Jersey Liner on the inside

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Made in the USA

Made in USA by the same factories that manufacture our garments. 

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